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Please Help the Heart Bud Help Humanity

The Heart Bud is helping humanity through encouraging the support of small
local businesses;through encouraging natural herbal healing methods; through
encouraging the opening of our Hearts to deeper levels of Love for each other;
through exposing and striving to find a remedy for the criminal use of
microwave weapons and remote mind control technologies, which are
now being used on countless numbers of unaware individuals, families
and communities in the USA as well as globally...etc.

Please help the Heart Bud spread its wings into the Heart of humanity.
Your support will touch humanity in ways that are deeply needed at
this point in time. . .and will be appreciated by many.

Healing the world begins and finishes
With the healing of our individual hearts

The Heart Bud rises from the ashes of devistation to touch the Heart of humanity.
Copyright by Poetic Publications with all rights reserved.