Advertising Prices for the Heart Bud

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Offering Long Term Exposure for Advertisers!

I feel indescribably sad to not be able to accept advertisers due to
what appears to be targetings of those who place ads in the Heart Bud.
(This appears to be being done by a group that targets me. However,
donations are needed and will be deeply appreciated. Please send help
for the Heart Bud and I to the address below. . .

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Click here for info on targeting)

making it a shared keep-sake rather than a periodical that's cast
aside for the next issue. Estimated readership soars over 20,000 with at least
3,000 copies distributed to individuals through local businesses, libraries, stores,
cafe's, shops and restaurants as well as free internet downloads.

Advertising Prices
Sizes are approximate width X height for newspaper style issue
Prices are subject to change and are for B&W

4"X1". . .$49
Business Card. . .$79
4"x2". . .$96
4"X3". . .$144
4"X5" (1/4 pg). . .$240
9"x5" (1/2 pg). . .$540
9"x11" (Full pg). . .$700
Back Cover. . .$900

Ads and payments are due within about a week after your decision to place an ad.
Other sizes, and colored ads, may be available upon request. Sponsorship for
larger distributions in areas of your choice are negotiable.
Gifts are welcome
from those who don't want to advertise.

The Heart Bud is a product of
Poetic Publications - a registered New Hampshire business.

Owner: Sharon R. Poet

Please send ads and payments to:

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Please Help the Heart Bud Help Humanity

Your support can help The Heart Bud soar across the
USA and beyond. . .and will be appreciated by many.

Thank you

If more than 3,000 are printed, some may be distributed in other areas.

Copyright by Poetic Publications with all rights reserved